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Crosby School Governors

All maintained schools in England have a governing body. The governing body provides strategic leadership, while the headteacher and school leadership team are responsible for the day to day running of the school.

There are three core functions of the governing body:

  • to set the vision and strategic direction of the school;
  • to hold the headteacher to account for the educational achievement of pupils;
  • to ensure financial resources are well spent.

The governing body of Crosby Primary School comprises 11 people, elected or appointed to represent the stakeholders in the school – parents, staff, the wider community and the local authority. These people are:

Parent Governors Ms. K Farah, Mrs K Dunn
Headteacher Mrs. H. Reid
Staff Governor Mrs. L. Smith
Co-opted Governors Miss J Harrison (Vice-Chair), Miss S. Pepper, Mr S Piper, Mrs. Y. Rickell, and Mrs. S. Shah (Chair)
Local Authority Governor Mr B Webster

We have made some changes to how we operate as a governing body from September 2016, in an attempt to involve all governors more in setting the direction, monitoring outcomes and ensuring that resources provide best value in achieving good outcomes for all our children. The full governing body will now meet twice per term linking curriculum and resources matters. Governors are in addition allocated to year groups to monitor agreed aspects of the curriculum and to specific school groups with a particular focus. They report back to the full governing body.

Individual governors have no power – the body as a whole acts collectively. Governors are not paid for their work but give up their time freely to support the school and its children and to monitor. We endeavour to know the school well, to  listen to pupils, parents and the community (for example by actively participating in surveys) and to promote the best interests of Crosby Primary School. We can be contacted via the school office. 

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