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To access the following school policies, just click where indicated.

If you would like a hard copy of a school policy, please contact the school office to obtain one free of charge.

Acceptable Use of ICT (Reviewed Spring 2021)
Accessibility Plan (Reviewed Autumn 2021)
Assessment Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2021)
Attendance Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2020)
Charging Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2019)
Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy  (Reviewed Autumn 2021)
Collective Worship Policy (Reviewed Spring 2021)
Community Use Scheme (Reviewed Spring 2021)
Complaints Procedure (Reviewed Spring 2020)
Continence Guidelines (Reviewed Spring 2021)
Curriculum Policy (Reviewed Summer 2020)
Discipline Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2020)
Data Protection Policy (Reviewed April 2021)
Data Protection Policy (Reviewed April 2021)
Drug and Alcohol Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2021)
Educational Visits Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2021)
Equality and Diversity Policy (Reviewed Spring 2021)

Please visit legislation.gov.uk for the Equalities Act 2010
Feedback and Marketing Policy (Reviewed Spring 2021)
Health & Safety Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2020)
Home Learning Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2020)
Home School Agreement (Reviewed February 2019)
Instrument of Governance (2016)
Medical Conditions Policy (Reviewed Spring 2021)
Nursery Admissions Policy (Reviewed Spring 2021)
Online Safeguarding Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2021)
Privacy Notice (Reviewed Summer 2019)
Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education [RSHE] Policy (Reviewed Summer 2019)
Safe Handling Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2021)
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy (Reviewed Summer 2019)
Uniform Policy 2019 (Reviewed Spring 2019)
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