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Please see sample letters and questionnaires that we send on behalf of the School Nurse Team.  If you require any help in understanding this information or require it in a different language, please let us know.
In particular your attention is drawn to the document "Information sharing to support the provision of important school health services" 
In summary
The lawful basis under the GDPR for the height and weight measurements, dental surveys, vaccinations, and vision and hearing screening of children in primary schools is not provided by consent – it is provided by varying combinations of ‘compliance with a legal obligation’, ‘exercise of official authority’, ‘the provision of health care or treatment’, and ‘public interest in the area of public health’. 
However, parents or persons with parental responsibility must still be provided with the opportunity to withdraw their children from the height and weight measurements. 
Their written agreement must also be obtained for children to be included in a dental survey or to be vaccinated in primary schools. 
Finally, for vision and hearing screening, parents or persons with parental responsibility must either be provided with the opportunity to agree to the screening or informed that they can withdraw their children. 

NCMP Pre-measurement Leaflet for Parents - School height and weight measurements.pdf
Reception Letter.pdf
V2 North Lincs School Entry Health Questionnaire (Parents/Carers).pdf
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