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Photo of the front of Crosby Primary School

Friends of School

How can I get more involved in school life?
Have you thought about becoming a school governor, a parent volunteer in the classroom or joining our CCOPPS (fundraising) group?  More information about any of these is available from the school office.

Information about what is going on in school, future events and school activities will be brought to you by your child, normally in the form of a newsletter.  Occasionally, children are forgetful and at times these letters remain at the bottom of a bag or tucked inside a pocket!  Please help us by keeping a look out for letters since they do form an important part of our home/school communications.

Mrs Betts is our Family Liaison Worker.  She, or other members of staff, may visit homes from time to time in order to keep you informed about what is going on in school and to enlist your help.  We strongly believe that parents are partners in education and would value any assistance you can offer.

Do you have a school fund?
This is a fund of money raised by parents and friends of Crosby School, the pupils and teachers.  Its main function is to pay for equipment and amenities not usually provided for out of the budget given to the school by North Lincolnshire Council.

Without the fund, the children's activities and therefore their opportunity to learn would be restricted, and so I urge everyone to support all functions organised in aid of 'School Fund'.

The School, however, is not wholly inward-looking and various local and national charities are supported from time to time, if you do not wish your child to be involved in raising money for charity by, for example participating in a sponsored event, then please let us know.  Such activities are purely voluntary and your wishes will be respected.