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School 100% Club


42 Crosby children are now members of the 100% club for 2016/17 because they came to school EVERY DAY! Well done to them all - keep it up this year!

Let's aim to have more children in the 100% Club at the end of this year! 

School Term Dates

Attendance Targets

When a class achieves their attendance target five times they have a party and their target increases by 0.2%  

Class Attendance Targets
Class Target
Nursery 95%
FD 95.5%
FGJ 95.5%
FT 95.5%
OAK (SP) 96.0%
CHERRY (MP) 96.0%
PINE (ES) 96.0%
ASH (HL/AW) 96.0%
WILLOW (JP) 95.0%
3/4W 96.5%
3/4P 95.5%
3/4T 96.5%
3/4B 95.5%
3/4N 95.5%
5/6JE 97.0%
5/6HU 97.0%
5/6SH 97.0%
5/6HA 96.0%

Taking your child out of school during term time

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