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School 100% Club

100% Attendance Heroes 

This half term there have been 185 children who have attended school every day!

There were 121 Key Stage 2 children and 64 Key Stage 1 children.

Rachael from Vision Education came and awarded certificates to Key Stage 1 children and then one child from each class won the half-termly prize! Congratulations to Claricio, Freddie, Safoorah, Ceren and Kaiden.

Key Stage 2 children will be awarded their prizes and certificates termly.



12 Crosby children are now members of the 100% club for 2017/18 because they came to school EVERY DAY! Well done to them all - keep it up this year!

Let's aim to have more children in the 100% Club at the end of this year! 

School Term Dates

Attendance Targets

When a class achieves their attendance target five times they have a party and their target increases by 0.2%  

Class Attendance Targets
Class Target
Nursery 92%
FD 94%
FGJ 94%
FT 94%
OAK (SP) 97%
PINE (ES) 96%
ASH (AW/SS) 96%
3/4W 97%
3/4P 96%
3/4T 97%
3/4B 96%
3/4SL 97%
5/6JE 97%
5/6HU 97%
5/6SH 97%
5/6HA 95.5%

Taking your child out of school during term time


Attendance Reminder!

If your child has been off school ill and they are well by lunchtime please sent them back into school for the afternoon session.

If your child wakes up late please being them to school as soon as possible! 

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