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Goodbye and Goodluck
Tuesday 21st July 2015

Today is a day of mixed emotion, great sadness that our old year 6 children will be spending their last ever day here at Crosby, yet great happiness that we’ve seen some of these people grow from little children into responsible, hardworking and wonderful boys and girls; an attitude and commitment which is exemplified by the select few who join our 100% club.  

The 100% Club
Those children who through the entire academic year haven’t missed a single day.  An achievement we recognise and appreciate by rewarding those with a £5 gift voucher for WH Smiths.  Well done Ume, Alisha, Samia, Anamul, Jaymie-Leigh, Ebony and Chloe
Record Breakers - Summer Reading Challenge 2015
Tuesday 14th July 2015
Our local event is from the Park Library (Corner of Ferry Rd and Avenue Vivian).  For more information visit the Record Breakers website (www.recordbreakers.org.uk) or you can download the app at (www.sol.us/records) to bring your reward stickers to life! 
Year 2 Normanby Hall, Environmental Science
Monday 13th July 2015
Our Visit To See Nick Sharratt
Tuesday 7th July 2015
Great Crosby Sewing Bee
Tuesday 7th July 2015

Well done to all of Mrs Thompson’s lunch time sewing club, who have spent a great deal of time this term designing and making their own  cushions.  Each child designed their creation on paper first, then transferred the design to material, then cut out and sewed them together using a sewing machine.  Congratulations everybody, they look absolutely superb!

Lunch Time Sewing Club
Drumming to a Japenese Rhythm
Monday 6th July 2015

Today members of Crosby School Choir and Drumclub were invited to the Baths Hall to take part in a drum club workshop.

Accompanied by members of staff from the school, the children got to experience ferocious Taiko drumming.  The sessions are run by Humber Taiko and children’s classes are available at Frederick Gough School every Saturday.  For more information please contact the Humber Taiko website www.humbertaiko.org

Drumming lessons on the Taiko drum
Balloon Race
Tuesday 9th June 2015
Just before half term, CCOPPs (Crosby Children's Outdoor Play Project) released balloons as part of a Balloon Race competition.  Children were selected by most balloons sold, or due to some brilliant act of hard work or exceptional behaviour.  Each balloon has a child's name on it, the balloon that travels the furthest wins a Toys R Us voucher for the finder and the boy or girl who sent it.
Sports Day 2015
Thursday 4th June 2015
Question Time
Friday 15th May 2015

In the run up to the general election this month, we were visited by Nic Dakin (MP for Scunthorpe) who kindly agreed to answer some probing questions by our Y6. Questions included What do I need to do to become a politician, Why do you want to be re-elected and Shirin’s particularly profound …do you think you could benefit us more?  The day finished with Y6 staging their own parliamentary styled debate around the different parties and their pledges.

Galleries of Justice
Friday 24th April 2015

As part of the topic ‘Crime and Punishment’ Year 5 went to The Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham.

While there, they toured the different prison cells and witnessed the changes in conditions throughout the ages.  They saw displays which detailed how punishments were given to the guilty, and ended the day with the teachers being put on trial, the verdict? Guilty!

Spring Walk
Monday 20th March 2015

This week saw Year 1 continue their investigation into the seasons where each class visited Sheffield Park again to see how the seasons had changed from Winter to Spring.  They saw spring blooms, buds on trees, blossom, insects and a pair of birds building a new nest.

Crosby Choir Spring Into Song
Wednesday 25th March 2015
Spring Time Celebrations
Tuesday 24th March 2015
Well done to all the boys and girls who crafted some wonderful spring time creations.  A special well done goes to all the winners Anthony (FR), Ammara (FD), Amber (F/1T), Aleena (1P), Nurnissa (1/2S), Nura (2R), Viktoria (2D), Naim (3B), Misha (3M), Sajidah (4N), Ashley (4S), Evie (5W), Eva (5M), Reeyana (6M) and Aamna (6B). 
UK Top 100 - Mathletics
Monday 23rd March 2015

Well done to Ryan from 6B who, following a monumental 2 hour session on Mathletics.co.uk over the weekend, climbed into the top 100 maths students in the UK.

The whole of Crosby is very proud of our champion mathletic hero – go Ryan!

Book Fair
Wednesday 18th March 2015

Crosby Book Fair is open in the lunch hall every day this week between 14:50 and 15:20 until Monday 23rd. 

Every child has a £1 book token which they can spend on any of the items available, including books, posters and stationery. 

Year 3, Meet the Flintstones!
Tuesday 10th February 2015
Don't go to the ball, go to Crosby!
Friday 30th January 2015

Foundation had a very special surprise today, as Cinderella came to dance with the boys and girls of Crosby. Many of the children had dressed in their finest ball gowns to welcome Cinderella and show her what good manners the boys and girls of F2 have.

Hakuna Matata!
Wednesday 28th January 2015

Year 4 had an absolutely fantastic day out this week visiting the Palace Theatre Manchester to watch The Lion King Musical.  Staff and students were treated to a 25 year anniversary of the musical based on the 1994 Disney film. Thank you to all Y4 for being so well behaved (who even were complimented on their good behaviour by a member of public when having their lunch!), and all staff for making the event so smooth running.

Florence Nightingale Visits Y2
Friday 23rd January 2015
A Merry Crosby Christmas To You All
Friday 13th December 2014
A Christmas Celebration
Wednesday 10th December 2014

Christmas is well and truly underway now that Upper School have finished their wonderful celebration of Christmas.  The concert featured both singing from the whole school as well as special performances by the Crosby School Choir.  The performance mixed both contemporary Christmas tunes, as well as traditional favourites such as ‘We Three Kings’.  Again, thank you to all the carers and parents who came to support us, and all the boys and girls who spent so much of their own time practising and making this a celebration to remember.

Christmas Nativity
Tuesday 9th December 2014

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to make this year's Lower School Christmas nativity, a wonderful spectacular of song and dance.

A warm thank you also goes to all those who came and watched the performance this morning.  There will be some photos available courtesy of Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph later on this year.

Bumper Christmas Raffle!
Friday 5th December 2014

Below are the winning names and prizes drawn this afternoon for our Bumper Christmas Raffle.  Some of the names weren't clear on the ticket, so If you think you may have won, please contact the school office.


After School Art Club
Thursday 20th November 2014

Every Thursday after school, some children chose to take part in our after school Art Club.  This week saw its members designing homes for animals, one group designed a house for a mouse, another a frog.

Art Club is managed by the people from 2021 Visual Arts Centre and offer the children craft and design ideas which help develop creativity.  If anyone is interested in joining, please ask at reception for a permission slip.   

Crosby Remembrance Service
Monday 10th November 2014
Harvest Festival
Thursday 23rd October 2014
Reading Buddies
Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Every school day Years 1 and 2 meet up with their reading buddies from Year 6 to enjoy a story from the library.

The sessions last for 15 minutes, where the Years 6s help the younger children with their literacy by listening to them read, and hearing what parts of the story they enjoyed. 

Investigating Our Town At The Library
Thursday 16th October 2014

This week saw Y3 visit Scunthorpe town library.  While there, the librarians were kind enough to talk to us about lots of the different facilities which we can all use.  We looked at their networked catalogue of local photographs, where we saw images of Crosby School in the early 1900s, and we saw the books of census and local maps, both of which illustrated how much Scunthorpe has grown and developed over the last 50 years.

What have the Romans ever done for us!?
Thursday 25th September 2014

Nothing!... well, apart from architecture, firemen and Police, modern language, sanitation, aqueducts and irrigation, education, the calendar, coins, cement and bricks, public heated baths, turnips and carrots, paved streets and pavements ad infinitum (…that too)

Today Y4 welcomed Ronulus into Crosby, who spent the whole day teaching us about the Roman people, way of life, and the legacy they've handed down to us, which we still use today.

Learning About Different Religions
Thursday 18th September 2014

As part of the topics Faith Founders and Our Community, Year 3 have been visiting a number of local religious buildings. They’ve visited a Church, A Mosque and today the kind people of Guru Nanak Sikh Temple allowed us to look around, and spoke to us about their faith, customs and history.

Thank you for a nice day out, and thanks for the drinks and chocolates too!

sikh temple
Welcome Meetings for all Children and Parents
Wednesday 3rd September 2014

To help your family start this academic year the best way possible, we’d like to invite all parents and carers of Crosby children to one of our welcome sessions.

These meetings will introduce you to your child’s new teacher, classroom topics, types of homework, days to remember PE kits, how to report absences, information about trips and lots of other useful information to help your family this year.  Each session lasts about half an hour.

No booking is needed, please just come to the school on the date and time below

Year Date Time
1 8th September 09:00
2 9th September 09:00
3 9th September 14:30
4 8th September 14:30
5 15th September 14:30
6 16th September 14:30
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