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Robin Hood's Bay Art

Sketches that were done whilst at Robin Hood's Bay in the Autumn of 2016 have been turned into pastel landscape pictures by 5/6sy.

 24th July 2017



Annie Fanny

On Tuesday, Annie Fanny paid a visit to Crosby Primary School to promote a love of reading to the children in year 3/4.

After a "memorised" version of Cinderella, which included a greyhound called Prince and a curfew of back before countdown, Annie read one of her favourite books 'The Gruffalo' to the children. Both the teachers and children were hooked on every word as she performed the story with an array of voices, making each and every character come alive. 

13th June 2017


Sports Day

The children were very excited - after missing a year due to the school move, Sports Day was to go ahead this year...

The weather was maybe just a bit too kind to us and we had to be careful that we didn't burn or overheat in the fabulous sunny weather!

KS1 kicked off the events in the morning at about 9.15am with KS2 following in the afternoon.

There were lots of different events including the Egg and Spoon Race, Bean Bags in the Bucket, Football Dribbling Skills and 100 metres.

Everyone had lots of fun! Well done and thank you to everyone that took part (including the parent helpers!) :-)

26th May 2017

Roman Games in 3/4N

Year 3/4 designed a game like the Romans would have played. Then, they made the games a reality which they subsequently enjoying playing.
Salma said "Lots of people said they liked surrounding each other".
Amad & Farhad though it was the best game they had invented. "We have played it alot". Paul remembers all the six children who have played his game.
Emilya & Kaitlyn said "It took a while for us to make because we didn't want to rush it".

25th May 2017

Music Festival Success for Choir

On Wednesday the Crosby Key Stage 2 Choir performed at the Scunthorpe Music Festival. They were entered in the Town School Hymn class and sang Lord of the Dance. They were in competition against four other schools from the Scunthorpe area and finished second! They have all been working incredibly hard all year for this event and started practicing their song back in February. They scored eighty five points out of a hundred which is a commended performance. Adjudicator Steven Roberts said that the choir had clear pronunciation, good vocal effects and a strong sense of dynamics. He was also so pleased that they remembered all the verses!

Mr. Truepenny promises to pick a shorter song next year, but he and the other choir staff, Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Martin, are incredibly happy with their performance and result. Well done to our choir and to all the other schools who took part. Scunthorpe Music Festival is an incredible opportunity for young people to perform and be encouraged in their musical careers.

24th May 2017


Drum Club Win at Music Festival

On Monday the 22nd of May, Crosby’s Drum Club performed at The Scunthorpe Music Festival and they had a very successful afternoon! With a score of 84 out of a 100, they won the Group Percussion Class and took the Percussion Cup Trophy for the second time! Festival Music adjudicator Steven Roberts said that they had “A good sense of rhythmic security.” and that the group had “Clearly rehearsed well and developed the material positively.” Their Commended Grade earned the class win.

In the solo classes Crosby children took first, second and third with our other performer gaining a certificate of merit for his performance! Mr. Truepenny is exceptionally pleased and proud of the Drum Club who work incredibly hard all year around. The Crosby Key Stage 2 Choir attend the festival on Wednesday the 24th of May and hope to be just as successful.

23rd May 2017

Y5/6 Drama Club Get Creative

Year 5/6 Drama Club created a freeze frame of a seaside scene today.

The Children were given a location and had to think of something they would see there. 
An object, a person, an animal?

They went up, one at a time, working from each other to inspire and develop ideas. Then, using these ideas, they created the scene of the seaside.

17th May 2017


New Path Opens

The new path from Chatterton Crescent to the playground has been well received by the parents we have spoken to. Thank you for helping us to keep congestion to a minimum at the start and end of the school day.

16th May 2017

KS1 Easter Hats Competition

KS1 Easter competition this year was to make or decorate a hat for Easter.

We had some fabulous entries. The talented winners and their creations, are shown in the photo (right).

6th April 2017


F1 & F2 Easter Hats Competition

Foundation's Easter competition this year was to make or decorate a hat for Easter.

We had some fabulous entries. The talented winners and their creations, are shown in the photo (left).

6th April 2017

Easter Board!

Thank you to everyone that either donated eggs for our Easter Chocolate Board and/or who took part in trying to win.

We are very pleased to say we had 50 prizes and together with the small board that was made for the Nursery we made £120.00! Thank you once again for your help.

7th April 2017



KS2 Easter Competition

Cllr Nic Dakin participated in the 3/4/5/6 Assembly as KS2 children at Crosby Primary School were set a challenge to wow the school with decorated eggs.

They were asked to decorate an egg and bring it into school. There was a chance to win a prize for the best in each class. Cllr Nic Dakin had the difficult job of choosing an overall winner. He tweeted "Fantastic Easter Eggs. Such creativity at Crosby Primary School. How do you choose a winner?"

Please watch the video to see the 'eggcellent' 'egg decorating' talent that we have here at Crosby Primary School. We had some amazing entries :-)

6th April 2017

Choir Perform at the Baths Hall

Crosby’s KS1 Choir were performing at The Bath’s Hall this week as part of The North Lincolnshire Music Hub’s Infant Music Celebration. They were part of a full choir of 250 children from schools all over the region, from as far field as Luddington and Haxey! The choir had a great time performing and really enjoyed the visit. It was great to see them having such a growing experience and working with real music professionals! Here they are during Assembly preparing for their big day.

6th April 2017


Trim Trail

We are delighted that our new trim trail is installed and in use thanks to the generous donations of families and friends of Crosby School, including Clugstons, Carro Food Group, Centrica and our very own Crosby Catering Team supporting CCOPPs events. Detailed below is a breakdown of costs involved:

Sloping Balance Walk x2 at £165 each
Suspension Bridge at £1395
Log Snake at £350
150mm Stepping Logs at £150
Burma Bridge at £865
Log Snake Weave at £520
Soft Safety Surface at £9000

Note: Please respect the health and safety rule that when the trim trail is closed, NO child or adult should be using it. The trim trail is closed when there is no member of Crosby School staff supervising or the orange cone is in place. The trim trail is always closed after school.

30th March 2017

Red Nose Day 2017

"How funny can you make your face for money?"

The children from Crosby Primary School showed their support for Red Nose Day on Friday 24th March 2017 by making their faces as funny as possible for a silver coin donation.

Thank you to all who took part in our “Funny Face” day for comic relief. We raised a whopping £246.61!! Lots of fun was had by all and there were some very funny creations! laugh

24th March 2017


Holocaust Memorial

All ages and faiths gathered at the Civic Centre for Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday 27th January 2017.

Mayor of North Lincolnshire, Councillor Trevor Foster, welcomed guests at the Civic Centre. Two Crosby Primary School pupils were invited to the Memorial to do a poetry reading - which they did and the Mayor presented them with a badge. 

Mrs Buckley (Deputy Head) said "I am very proud of them".

27th January 2017

St Lucia Day at Crosby Primary

The Y3/4 wing have been learning all about St.Lucia, a Caribbean island. We have been finding out about where the island is, what the island is like and what the main source of income is.

In order to experience more of the 'fun' side of island life we decided to have a St. Lucia day/ During this day we learnt about the banana trade, the carnivals on the island, the songs and the fruits that the locals and tourists experienced. The photos show what a good time was had by all to learn about island life.

20th January 2017


Crosby Pupils Get Active

January saw the pupils from Year 1/2 get involved in an Obstacle Course to raise money for CCOPP (Crosby Children's Outdoor Play Project).

Two circuits were set up in the main hall and pupils were given a maximum of 20 goes at 10p a go. Every child was given one go. All the children that took part were given a certificate stating how many laps they completed.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the obstacle course. Great fun was had by all!  A fantastic total of £233.30 was raised towards our new trim trail!

19th January 2017

Crosby Goes Prehistoric

This term in Year 1 and 2 we are taking a step back into the prehistoric times. When learning about dinosaurs the children have enjoyed becoming palaeontologists and discovering dinosaur fossils and new facts about the different dinosaurs which roamed our planet millions of years ago. With this new knowledge each class chose a dinosaur to create out of recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, paper and bottles to demonstrate what a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus or Triceratops looked like. To make these dinosaurs look even more realistic we chose to paint them different colours to camouflaged them. We then as a year group wanted to see what each classes dinosaur looked like so we decided to display them in the hall for all of Crosby to see and enjoy. 

7th January 2017


A Big Thank You...

Goes to Wilko’s - Ashby Store for their kind donation of a £40 voucher. We used this voucher to purchase a Christmas tree which we planted at the front of the school. We were also able to buy lights to decorate it and further decorations for the Christmas tree in the Main Hall.

6 December 2016

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas child is a project
aiming to help relieve the suffering of
children abroad who are homeless, live in
orphanages, are without family support, or
whose lives have been blighted by poverty,
ill-health, natural disaster, conflict or war.

The school would like to say 'Thank You' to all who donated to Operation Christmas Child. We loaded 120 shoeboxes onto the operation wagon. Well done.

30th November 2016


Children In Need Day


For Children In Need Day this year Crosby Primary School children brought a cuddly toy to school for a silver coin donation.

18th November 2016


This half term Year 3 4 are learning how to form asymmetrical and symmetrical gymnastic shapes in P.E

Here are a few pictures of 3 4 T.

They show good form and control in their body shapes.

Can you tell which shapes are asymmetrical and which are symmetrical?

16th November 2016

Space Inspiration Days

For two days last week, pupils in Years One and Two were permitted to go off the usual timetable. This created an opportunity to spend two exciting days learning about and being inspired by space.

The different workshops included; Music - Composition, Geography - Equator & Temperature, Music - ICT, Art - The Galaxy, Music - Singing and Music from Holst (Planets), Art - Painting an Alien and Sorting Aliens. The children also had a visit from a mobile planetarium.

During the ICT workshop, pupils worked on laptops with a music software package called 2Simple Music Toolkit. This allowed the children to use different instruments, set different timings and use different volume levels for each instrument. The goal: to compose their own piece of space music.

10th & 11th November 2016

Science Investigation

As part of a science lesson, pupils in 3/4N created and tested their own telephones.

See the video for pupil comments and photos.

9th November 2016


Biscuit Sale a Success!

Thank you kindly to Anne Winter and her lovely team of dynamic ladies for making the biscuits and selling them on Wednesday to staff & pupils. They raised a whopping £402.50 for CCOPPs, who are raising funds for the new trim trail, coming soon. Well done!

12th October 2016

Blue Bots, Bee Bots and Fresco

As part of the Year 1/2 Inspiration Week pupils had fun using basic commands to program the Bee Bots. Once they had mastered using the Bee Bots they moved on to using Blue Bots. The Blue Bots are programmed using an ipad to move around a map using various commands.

Pupils also had a chance to create their own digital images on the laptops using Fresco. This gave them a chance to improve their skills whilst using technology at various levels.

3rd-7th October 2016

Normanby Park Visit

As part of the Crosby Primary School Inspiration Week, pupils visited Normanby Park for a Shelter Building activity.

3rd-7th October 2016

Yr 3/4 Scunthorpe Museum Visit

This week has seen year 3/4 children visit the Scunthorpe Museum to find out more about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

The children said they really enjoyed the visit and that it really brought what they had learned to life.

25th-29th September 2016


A Day With The Red Arrows

On 13th June, ten 'Always' children from year 5 were chosen to spend the day at RAF Scampton.

We spent the day as VIP guests, being taught about the Hawk aircraft, and having a personal tour of the hangars. The Red Arrow team then put on a full display especially for us! It was a special day none of us will forget.

Crosby Art Day

Crosby Art day this year involved designing and creating a piece of artwork connected to the theme of "3D", each year produced something very different - below is a small selection of some of the Year 6 compositions.

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