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Welcome to Foundation 2

We have two classes in F2.Dragonflies taught by Miss Deveney and Bumblebees taught by Miss Ellis.

Mrs Jamieson is the Assistant Head of Foundation Stage and works alongside the teachers.

They are assisted by:
Mrs Martin – TA3
Mrs White – TA3
Mrs Brook TA2
Mrs Avison TA1
Mrs Tyas TA1.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is split into the following areas of learning:
• Personal, social and emotional development
• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

For more information about the curriculum, please visit www.gov.uk/early-years-foundation-stage.

In The Classroom

We aim to build on children’s prior knowledge, skills and experiences by providing a stimulating and challenging environment both inside and out. Children have opportunities to learn through carefully selected independent activities which aim to promote their learning in all areas of the Curriculum. 

We encourage children to pursue their own interests in our enabling environment where adults strive to facilitate and develop children’s learning through observation and quality interactions. This is supported by planned small groups and whole class teaching in mathematics, literacy and reading.  Children also have a daily phonics session. 

Learning is planned according to children’s needs and interests and includes some flexible topics based on familiar and popular stories e.g. "The Three Little Pigs".  Teaching staff include as many first hand experiences as possible drawing on the wider world. This might include bringing in various small creatures or going on short visits around the school or local area.

Parents are welcome to talk to members of staff at the end of the day or by making an appointment.  Parent consultation evenings are held termly where we have opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and progress.

This year our focus is developing reading skills throughout the school. You can help by sharing books with your child and encouraging them to talk about stories. Talking about print in the environment, eg, shop signs, car names etc, will help develop pre reading skills.

Uniform and Jewellery

Children should wear a white or yellow polo shirt with a green jumper or cardigan and black or grey skirt or trousers. Sensible shoes should be worn, not trainers or boots of any sort. Please ensure that your child does not wear jewellery.  Long hair MUST be tied back throughout the day. Nail polish and make-up are not allowed. Headscarves or coverings may be worn for religious purposes, but they must be a plain school colour (Black, White, Grey, Yellow or Green).


Home Learning

Home Learning 
Home learning is frequently sent home or posted on our website. You can access the home learning using your child’s log-in details. Home learning includes a variety of activities including learning nursery rhymes and songs, counting, re-telling stories and talking. Please encourage your child to complete the activities. We value your comments about your child's learning and development.

Additional Information

We welcome comments and questions about your child’s time at school. This can be done at the start or end of each day, or by appointment. We hold termly parents’ consultations where your child’s progress is shared.

Children should not bring any toys or games from home into the school. Water bottles are not allowed in school in F2 as we provide the children with a drink of milk or water. Children are encouraged to eat a school meal, which is provided free of charge.


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