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Welcome to Year 3 and 4

Year 3/4 is taught by Mr Wilson, Mr Humphrey, Miss Brown, Mrs Porter, Mrs Simpson and Miss Longbone.

They are assisted by Mrs King, Mrs Fox, Mrs Fawcett and Miss Begum.


Our main topics during the 2019/20 academic year are; Our Community, Magnets, Light and Shadow, Viking invasions and one more which is currently being decided.


Our English sessions have a SPaG focus this year and follow the principle of teach, practise, apply. This develops your child’s understanding and knowledge of the spellings, punctuation and grammar which they are expected to know by the end of year 2.

We are learning how to use these skills to develop our sentences to improve our writing, write in paragraphs, use comas and inverted commas appropriately, and use a range of writing styles independently.

Sessions take place daily; in mixed registration groups.



In Year 3/4 Maths we are learning all of our times table facts, how to set out formal written methods for the four operations and how to read, write and work with fractions. We complete challenges daily. These challenges allow us to practice skills, apply skills to a range of situations and use skills to reason.

Throughout the year we also cover a range of mental maths skills which will aid our written maths.

Sessions take place in year groups.


Each child has a reading book and a scheme book this year in Year 3/4. It is expected that they bring this book home daily and that they are heard read at least 3 times a week. Please take time to talk to your child about the book they are reading; discussing what has happened; what the main characters are like and what they think is going to happen next. Keep your eyes open for a range of reading challenges that are happening throughout the year.

Guided reading sessions take place daily from 9:00am-9:45am. Please make sure you child arrives promptly each morning so they are able to fully participate in these sessions.

During guided reading sessions, we will be looking at developing our skills on retrieval, inference, deductions and understanding of author’s intent.


Please make sure that your child has black shorts and a white T-shirt to wear for P.E. lessons.

Children need to bring their kit on a Monday and take it home the following Friday.  PE kit should be in a bag that hangs on their peg under their coat. Please ensure all items are labelled with your child’s name and class.


Many visits to support the learning of our topics are taking place throughout the year. Our first set of visits is during the Autumn term where we will be visiting places of worship in our local area. We are hoping to visit a Mosque, a Gurdwara and a church. We will also be doing studies of local land use.

During the summer term, we are planning on visiting Danelaw to enrich our Viking topic and we have a theatre workshop coming in to show us how we can use light and shadow to produce performances.

Uniform and Jewellery

Children should wear a white or yellow polo shirt with a green jumper or cardigan and black or grey skirt or trousers. Black shoes should be worn, not trainers or boots of any sort. Please ensure that your child does not wear jewellery including earings which should not be worn to school.  Long hair MUST be tied back throughout the day. Nail polish and make-up are not allowed. Headscarves or coverings may be worn for religious purposes, but they must be a plain school colour (black, white, grey, yellow or green) and must be removed for PE.

Home Learning

The A3 home learning sheet is sent home every Friday. Please ensure your child returns their sheet by Wednesday of the following week, when each class will be choosing their homework champions. Please do encourage children to do their best work, and feel free to give advice too!

Accompanying the home learning sheets is a spiral bound book of key words, tables, calculation methods, and key spellings to support your child's learning.

Additional Information

Water bottles should be taken home for washing daily. Water bottles can be purchased from the office for £1.20. Children should not bring electronic/valuable items such as tablets, Smartphones or hand held games consoles into school for Golden Time. Please ensure your child comes to school on time every day. Attendance certificates will be given out for each half term. Classes that beat their attendance target will be rewarded with a party.

For information about the curriculum, please visit the curriculum page.

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