We are thrilled to share that we were judged ‘GOOD’ during our most recent inspection (September 2023). Here are some of the many positive things Ofsted had to say about our school;

– ‘Pupils and staff at Crosby Primary School are proud to be wonderfully unique

– ‘Pupils are happy and trust adults to help them with any issues or worries’

– ‘Pupils celebrate their differences’

– ‘Leaders have high expectations for pupils ensuring that all pupils can access the curriculum effectively’

– ‘The school pays careful attention to pupils’ well-being and supports pupils to develop career aspirations’

– ‘Staff feel their workload and well-being is carefully considered by senior leaders’

– ‘Leaders work hard to engage the parents, seeking their views and opinions regularly’

– ‘The school has an ambitions curriculum that begins in the early years and staff are determined that every pupil will learn to read’

To read the full copy of our report, please click here.

The Parent View facility gives parents the chance to tell Ofsted what you think of Crosby Primary School. Please click on the image above.