Core Learning


  • Listen to and appraise music from a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions.
  • Learn to sing and use their voice.
  • Have the opportunity to learn and use tuned and untuned musical instruments.
  • To know, apply and understand the inter-related dimensions of music.
  • Create and compose pieces of music.
  • Record compositions in a variety of ways, including formal notation.
  • Participate in performances with increased confidence and awareness of audience.

Subject Leads

The subject lead for Music is Mrs Heighton.


The teaching of Music allows our pupils access to knowledge which engages and inspires their creativity, talent, and love of music. By providing our pupils with access to the universal language of music we aim to build their self-confidence, sense of achievement, and sense of belonging which they can carry with them through all stages of their life.

Long Term Plan

Medium Term Plans

Year 1/2
Year 3/4
Year 5/6