Subject Lead

The subject lead for Reading is Miss Bush.

Core Learning

Core Learning in Reading is:

  • Accurate reading
  • Fluent reading
  • Reading comprehension
  • Enjoyment of reading
  • Breadth of reading (knowledge of the world)


We teach reading so that our children can communicate confidently, participate in society, enjoy developing their knowledge of the world, vocabulary and imagination and have good mental health. We believe children need to read accurately, fluently and with good understanding.

Long Term Plans

Phonics & Early Reading

Our school has chosen Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised as our systematic, synthetic phonics (SSP) programme to teach early reading and spelling.

Phonics is:

“making connections between the sounds of our spoken words and the letters that are used to write them down.” 

Phonics Documents

Reading in KS2

Reading sessions:

  • are taught in class groups
  • continue to develop children’s decoding, fluency and prosody skills
  • focus on teaching new reading skills including: retrieval, vocabulary, inference, summarising, predicting, comparing and contrasting and discussing authors choice
  • children also read one to one with an adult

Reading in EYFS and KS1

How do we teach reading in books?

Reading practice sessions are:

  • timetabled at least three times a week
  • taught by a trained teacher/teaching assistant
  • taught in small groups

At all stages we use assessment to match your child to the right level of reading book.

This means that your child should:

  • Know all of the sounds and tricky words in their reading book well
  • Reading many of the words by silent blending (in their head) – their reading will be automatic
  • Only need to stop and sound out about 5% of the words in the book

Medium Term Plans

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2